One Night Stand is a project created specifically for Artrooms 2018.

Installation: videos on screens, drawings, mixed media, 2018

“What a One Night Stand is for me? It’s the most successful metaphor of metamorphosis of the Other’s perception; ; it is the perfect synthesis of a human relationship; it is pure mathematics; a graph that represents the reached climax and once achieved, its miserable descent. 1NS is duration, analysis and the deepest point of superficiality.”

The works in the room are distinguished according to their position in the duration of the One Night Stand:

How you want to see me - before

How you want me - now

How you see me - after

“The four walls of the rooms enclose and tell, as in a diary, a small journey in my private intimacy making it become a public secret.”

It’s All Right, video and sound on screens, loop, 2018

How many Times?, video, 2018


This is how You see Me (1,2,3), ink on paper, 2018

This is how You see Me (4), ink on paper, 2018

Artrooms London exhibition view, 2018